Shifu Ahles

Bergenfield Acupuncturist Shifu Raymond J. Ahles, L.Ac., Dipl.OM

I’ve lived in New Jersey all of my life, an always challenging environment that contributes to a life of learning. I’ve been training in the Chinese martial & healing arts since 1984, which includes meditation and the deeper philosophical approaches to life that originated in Asia. This training included the basics of Oriental bodywork, or massage, known as “anmo” (aka “amma”) and tui na. I became very interested in this aspect of training as it was a way to be able to apply all this experience to help others.

In 1988 I graduated Montclair State College (now University) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Fitness / Exercise Physiology. This background allows me to further understand the physical aspects of how exercise affects one’s physical health.

In the mid-90’s, when I was having some physical challenges of my own, I began my medical training on a professional level when I enrolled at The New Center in Syosset, NY, which later became New York College for Health Professions. As these studies are based on the same theoretical concepts as Oriental Medicine, moving into the practice of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is a natural progression.

I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist in the State of NJ and National Board Certified in Oriental Medicine.

The Chinese martial arts are built upon a foundation of Qigong (Chi Kung; like a moving-meditation) to both enhance the physical training and to develop superior health. The specific martial & healing arts that I focus on are based on the concepts of the Yi Jing (I Ching; “Book of Changes”) and is called Ba Gua Zhang (Pa Kua Chang). It is this background that led me to be most interested in also pursuing what is known as “I Ching Acupuncture”: a method that produces instantaneous results using acupuncture points on the scalp and ears, from the elbows to the fingers and from the knees to the toes. Our patients are more comfortable as they experience highly effective and efficient treatments without the need to remove their clothes.

At Results Acupuncture & Healing Arts Center we design individualized plans that encourage a well-rounded approach to returning a patient’s health to optimal levels. I have always been interested in understanding all aspects of health and my experience has included extensive training in both the Yin and the Yang sides. This includes methods to calm the mind and emotions, improve organ function, and develop better movement and mobility. Depending on one’s condition and needs, this may include acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas, sitting meditation, moving-meditation (Qigong), breathing exercises, nutritional changes, and or physical exercise.