What Our Patients Say About Results Acupuncture

Shifu Ahles and the staff at Results Acupuncture are warm, caring, and friendly. Shifu’s knowledge of the human body and the art of healing through better living, nutrition, Chinese herbs, and of course acupuncture is thorough and extensive. He is immediately prepared to answer any question you may have regarding your treatment or general health and willingly provides materials and resources to help you along your journey to wellness. His sincere interest is in your health and wellness, especially in finding the source of your problems rather than just treating your symptoms. He is a healer in the truest sense of the word.

As a person who has always sought more natural and holistic ways to heal my body and mind, it’s surprising how long it took me to discover the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I had very limited understanding of this healing art, particularly the extent of the process and the outside benefits I would gain. However, from the first consultation and subsequent treatment, it was clear that I would receive more than just a few sticks of a needle or a week’s worth of herbs. This was going to be an extensive, well planned, and flexible process that would be adapted and modified to match my healing and change as new issues or concerns were identified. It was surprising to learn that I would receive multiple consultations and be given the opportunity to discuss concerns as they arose rather than waiting three to six months to meet again.

After four months of treatment and consultation with Shifu Ahles, I am a transformed woman.

The benefits to my mind, body, and soul are still growing, but the three greatest thus far would be:

  • 1
    My neck and back, which were in regular and chronic pain respectively for several years, are virtually pain free. Even when pain is present, it is now mild and easily managed through stretching, acupressure, or meditation/relaxation techniques. In the past, only anti-inflammatory medicines seemed to ease the pain. As Shifu explained, they only masked the problem rather than treating the cause, thus making the pain worse.
  • 2
    Despite being an active person, I was not in good cardiovascular or digestive health. I am a recent student of Shifu Ahles in Kung Fu, but blockages to my circulation left me feeling tired and weak after classes. I frequently had pains in my stomach, the cause of which a gastroenterologist was unable to identify. Shifu quickly assessed the issues and provided herbal treatment and acupuncture that targeted my heart, circulation, and stomach. Within a few weeks my circulation began to improve, I could feel the strength behind each heart beat, and my recurrent stomach pains have significantly subsided.
  • 3
    I am 60% of the way to my goal weight and I’ve done it without a fad diet, medications, or starvation. Shifu Ahles is well informed and extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and food. He has continued to encourage me to stay on track with his simple food plan and has given me endless amounts of information on how to manage my weight, food cravings, and nutrition. He has helped me heal myself.

Without hesitation I would recommend Results Acupuncture and frequently do. People ask me what I’m doing to look so healthy or why I have so much energy. I proudly tell them about Shifu Ahles and Results Acupuncture. I’m forever grateful to have found health in such a natural way with such wonderful support and guidance.

~ Faith M.

I look forward to acupuncture. In my mind I label it getting stuck with needles and enjoying it. The feeling I get is like a form of ecstasy. I feel like I’m floating from the inside of my body. The atmosphere is peaceful and the room is warm (Feng Shui), dark and quiet. When Shifu opens up the meridians I feel the chi flowing and the muscle that I have the most trouble relaxing, completely relaxes and I feel one with my body and the world. I look forward to being in such a wonderful meditation state that I don’t want to leave it. It’s like I am one with the world.

~ Thomasina R.

Shifu Ahles is warm and friendly and puts you at ease during the whole acupuncture experience, from start to finish. He is tremendously knowledgeable in his area of expertise – answering all questions about acupuncture, nutrition, exercise, Chinese herbs, and overall wellness. I know I am being treated and guided in my wellness journey by an expert and I feel confident that my needs are being well-addressed.

At first I had the perception that I’d come to a session or two and be healed for good. My perception changed during consultations with Shifu where I was educated on the process and what was expected of me during my course of treatment. It is a process. Not a one shot deal or a quick fix (although pain relief can be achieved in one shot). Acupuncture is an investment in my health and my future health and quality of life.

For me, the three biggest benefits have been: 1. My headaches are almost non-existent. I’ve gone from having a couple of big headaches per week to experiencing only one big headache in almost 3 months. 2. I’ve changed my diet and have more energy and feel great. 3. My appointments are sacred to me. These are times when I am taking care of myself naturally and can really focus on my path to overall wellness. Also, as a working mom who is all over the place, to be able to take time by myself, to do something positive for myself that will inevitably affect my loved ones, I’ve never felt better or more centered. I’m experiencing clarity in my life…and joy.

I would recommend Results Acupuncture and Healing Arts Center 100%. I already have and will continue to do so.

I’d also like to mention that my entire experience has been extraordinarily positive. I love the way I feel in the treatment area, from the warmth, to the lighting, to the music…It’s like the space is a high vibrational energy safe haven. Working with Shifu Ahles and Mrs. Fries has been a wonderful experience. Sometimes I find myself searching a pain somewhere on my body so I can go in for another treatment. Ironic how the reason I started coming in to begin with is what I’m searching for to come in more often. : )

~ Christy K.

Right from the moment I met him I knew Shifu Ahles was a special person. I knew him first as a Bagua instructor, but all those qualities carried over into his practice of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Shifu is very honest and clear with his words and actions and is extremely patient. This is something I found rare in all my experiences with doctors. Most doctors would brush me off, throwing arbitrary conditions my way without second thought. Shifu takes the time to listen, and really analyzes what is going on to make a better judgement call. He cares about each individual person and doesn’t label them in categories. Every person has different needs and he addresses those needs very well. He also explains things in an easy to understand manner and tries to educate his patients so that they can help themselves. If I didn’t understand what was causing my issues, I would of gone through treatment, been cured, resumed whatever habits that was causing the initial problem probably without realizing it, and then come back again for treatment to fix the same problem. It would be an ongoing cycle. Shifu wants you to be better and he does everything in his power to make it so.

My perceptions of acupuncture and Chinese medicine prior was hesitant, but never fully tossed aside. I had an open mind to it because my mom went through treatment for awhile somewhere else and in the time she was doing it, felt a lot better. Then she stopped and in some time her symptoms resumed. I thought that acupuncture was something that only worked when consistently done. I thought it was a far bigger commitment than I was ready for, mentally and financially. I also have a terrible phobia of needles, so the idea of having a bunch of tiny needles in me didn’t thrill me. After having pains in my lower back for the better of two years and it starting to affect my practice in kung fu and everything else I did, I figured I really needed to try another measure. Shifu was aware of my problems through class, and suggested multiple times that I try acupuncture. It took me a couple of months, but after much frustration of not getting any other answers, I figured I had nothing to lose.

After sitting down with him the first time to explain the process and then going through the first initial treaments, I felt a world of difference. I had considerable less pain in my back and I felt very “open”. From financial worries to skeptisim of this actually working, Shifu sat down with me and thoroughly explained everything and gave me options that I could work with. Never have I had so much thought given to my needs. I appreciated that immensely. While I still am not the biggest fan of needles, I have grown to appreciate what the process does for me. I am more willing to continue this long-term than initially because I’ve seen the changes in my body and how I feel. The biggest benefits I have felt are increased circulation, which in turn meant less muscle spasms and pain in my body, learning what I can do for my body so that I can fix my bad habits, and overall feeling of warmth and understanding from Shifu.

I would highly recommend Results Acupuncture & Healing Arts to anyone who is need of therapy, pain relief, and/or just seeking overall body rejuvenation. Shifu is more than accommodating, and has the knowledge and patience to take care of your needs. As I mentioned earlier, he understands that every person is different and has different needs and is very in tune with that and responds accordingly. I could not have asked for anything better.

~Theresa F.

I wanted to send you this letter to let you know how grateful I am, and how much positivity you and your programs are bringing, into my life.

One of the best decisions I have made, was to walk through your door.

I have been treated for many years for/ Thyroid issues, Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Lower Back
Pain, and on and off treatments for Depression and Stress.

All of my treatments have been conducted with the use of conventional drugs, under the care of a physician. I was on 5 different types of pill medications with a total of 7 pills per day.
In addition, I was injecting 2 types of insulin. One type was injected 3 times per day, and the second insulin injection was once a week.

The once a week injection was extremely painful, and I had severe injection site reactions. This prompted me to discontinue with that treatment, and take a good look at my life, and how I was being medically treated. I was literally, sick of being sick.

I can honestly say, prior to coming to you, I can not remember the last time I felt normal, was clear headed, and having no pain and discomfort.

I started my treatment with Results Acupuncture and Healing Arts Center in June 2014 and it has put me on a more focused path to health and wellness.

After a short 3 weeks in your program, I have been insulin free. I stopped injecting insulin based on my results from continuous, self glucose testing. My blood glucose levels are stabilizing.

In addition, I cut my diabetes pill, Metformin, dosage in half, I am off my medications for cholesterol and triglycerides, and I am no longer
taking pain medication for my lower back.

I am down to 3 pills, and in no time, less than that. I will keep you posted.

The special, and very satisfying diet has curbed my appetite and easily satisfies my hunger. I have experienced almost no cravings and have
actually forgotten to eat a couple of times.

In fact, I have lost 16 lbs. in about 5 weeks so far, and feel great.

I am very impressed with your programs.

I sincerely thank you and your wonderful staff for the kind, and caring attention. I recommend your programs to anyone who wants, or needs to
be healthier and feel better, inside and out.
Your passion is obvious…and contagious.

~ Bob B., Dumont, NJ

My Name is Maria. I am a Registered Nurse. Though involved predominantly with Western medicine, I have great belief in eastern medicine. From my experience medications only mask the symptoms, they don’t correct the medical problem. I chose acupuncture as a treatment modality as I had read many articles of great results people were getting for all types of disorders. I went to three different acupuncturists and to be honest I was very disappointed; I was not seeing results. They all seemed to place the needles in the same places up and down the meridians. I also received “pellet” like Chinese herbs and they didn’t do much either. I was about to give up but when I heard about Shifu Raymond Ahles, I thought I would give it one last shot.

I have a condition called hyperhidrosis (overstimulation of the central nervous system which causes your body to overheat and uncontrollable sweating occurs, worse in the summers), which I have had for years. The first thing I noticed was the way he connected the physiological problem to the psyche. I was raised in a very traumatic environment and did not make the connection until he spoke to me about it. I also noted that Shifu did not use the same countless needles down the same meridians, he picked some points here and there, “powerful points” and he was right. I started to notice a difference after a few sessions. Shifu also teaches you about breathing methods which slow down the “fight or flight” responses in the central nervous system, thereby making you more relaxed, even in a very stressful environment. He also gave me Chinese herbs (not the pellets); Shifu creates his formulas based on your problem. The difference is unbelievable.

I also have whip lash/shoulder pain from a car accident a few years ago. I prefer to have Shifu treat this problem. He placed three needles in the top of my head (Each part of the head represents an area of the body, he placed the needles in area that represented my neck). We did this for two sessions and I have not had shoulder pain since. He can treat multiple problems. I would just like to tell you about my experiences. Shifu is definitely a very astute health provider and like he told me once “The body speaks to you and guides you (the health care provider) as to what it needs”. Of course you would certainly consult your physician for certain problems but believe it or not Physicians are referring more and more of their patients for acupuncture.

~ Maria H.

I had done extensive reading on the practice and benefits of acupuncture for some time before deciding to give it a try for myself. Still, being my first experience, I wasn’t sure what I would personally get from it or how much it could help me. With that said, it took mere moments to realize I was satisfied with my decision. I was instantly taken-in by the practicality and the systematic approach of the treatment regimen and perhaps even more so by the knowledge and candor of Shifu Ahles.

Much more than an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Shifu Ahles is also well-versed in general fitness and dietetics. He was very descriptive and informative about how all our various life choices directly affect our health; from what we eat to how much sleep we get to our general mood and the levels of stress we experience on a daily basis. He sets up each treatment to be 100% personalized and tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. Every time I went in, I felt as if I wasn’t just consulting an acupuncturist but also a dietitian, fitness instructor and overall life coach.

After just the initial treatment session, I felt immediate alleviation from the symptoms I’d sought to treat. But what’s more, I experienced several additional unexpected benefits that as I came to find out are simply a result of more efficient circulation throughout the body. I left each session not only with a relief from pain but with a very distinct feeling of vigor, clarity and overall wellness.

Though without question the single best benefit I got from the experience was the education. Unlike any ordinary doctor’s consultation, where you’re given a diagnosis followed by a quick prescription and sent on your way, the primary focus of Shifu Ahles’ treatment regimen, of course aside from the individual’s recovery, is to help each patient build essential habits to effectively maintain improvement in order to enjoy substantial long-term benefits. As Shifu Ahles very clearly points out, and as the name suggests, he is only interested in one thing, getting tangible results.

More than anything, I can honestly describe the experience with Shifu Ahles as empowering. He makes you realize how it is very plausible for anyone, at any age – with the right guidance – to take back full control of their own health and well-being. I would adamantly recommend Results Acupuncture & Healing Center to anyone who is truly serious about taking the necessary steps towards instilling lasting, positive changes in their lives.

~Pierre M.

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